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Just waiting to exhume an alch, and end up with these results


“They were killed by a Sorcerer, Assassin, Alchemist, Inquisitor, Knight, Knight, Knight, and Hunter”


It’s not wrong



I don’t think


This can’t happen because 3 neut cap.

And before you say alch can get hh’d to target themselves, they also got killed by Hunter

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what do you mean neut cap, it specifically says “alch and inquisitor” and has a dead alch, are you suggesting there is a pretender and I edited that out? I definitely did not, because it would say it was edited, which it clearly does not, that edit sign is just your imagination.


3 Neuts + NK. Alch+Inq+Pretender is possible. Alch got HH’d, Pretender got debbed, and Hunter (who also got debbed) marked him.


That’s great

If only every Alchemist died like this the world would be a better place

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But then the alch would be occupied


Theoretically an empower on the Alch would help… practically it might not help, Hunter’s Mark is a bit strange

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Alch would be occupied when the got marked


It bypasses occ immunity currently

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Alch got redirected to themself And hunter did wolf


Alchi is immune to bleeding


this just made my day