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Just Some (More) Ideas


What’s your idea specifically?


honestly though I’d have to say it’s possibly more problematic on cult than unseen.

Hypothetical scenerio here. Unseen fails to convert n1, n2, finally nails it on n3. assuming they didn’t get caught, this unseen is at the same power as one that managed to convert on n1.

Cult… fails to convert n1. They have to either give up both of their kills N2. or retry, they chose to not use their kills on n2… and fail again, then say that succeeds on n3…, effectively they are out 4 kill attempts and they are 1 member short of where they’d have been had they converted on n1. Cult was hands down worse to play IMO during the "oh crap why the heck is everything unconvertable, part of the game (back when priest existed and was unconv, and CW had 2 targets)


not when I’m playing it. The Unseen is 2 kills ahead if I’m in the Unseen (assuming a N1 convert)


While that is fair, the replaceable nature of the Cult means that they can more easily CC a Paladin claim. Making sure Paladin cannot prevent conversions seems like the best way to minimize this issue.

While you’re here, do you mind commenting on the threads for each of my class suggestions? I want to make sure they’re good, as I don’t really do classes.


I want to see your paladin suggestion



Sheriff and Paladin

These next few require a lot of work, and are hotly contested, but I personally feel that the game would benefit from the increased variety.

Make Paladin unconvertible.

Make Paladin unique.

Make Paladin Special instead of Investigative.

Balance from here, allowing the Unseen to convert their Sheriffs but making the Cult work around the singular Paladin. As long as the Paladin is somewhat hard to confirm, this should work just fine and be more varied and interesting. Is this necessary? No. I just think it would be cool.


do that


Except I don’t want to attempt that when the initial change is so drastic

Probably you’d replace any conversion blocking from Smite with just a kill of some sort but idek


Lol, for the most part I don’t do classes themselves, beyond skimming in and going “nope that better not happen” :stuck_out_tongue: , usually I’m more focused on remakes, which I do say I like all of yours so far on this, the pali one is my one major hold out (I think failed conversions are a huge screw over for cult, as effectively a failed convert is both a failed convert, and a delayed kill, bottom line nothing sucks more than the start of day 3 and realizing that your side hasn’t accomplished ANYTHING. IE 0 kills, 0 converts.

Let me take a look at some of the classes though lol guess that would be more appropriate in their own thread.


But that is true. The only BD that should be unconvertable(aside from abilities that give a temporary conversion immunity) is Prince. There are enough unconvertables already. Plus this just results in easy confirmability, especially since you’re also making it unique. The best counter for confirmability is conversion.
Paladin won’t be mechanically confirmable, but it will have a prince effect where people are unlikely to fakeclaim it. The major problem with an unconvertable unique sheriff was that it was impossible to fakeclaim. And don’t say you can suicide to eliminate them. The only good thing about an unique paladin is that it’s an indirect nerf to smite, which is overpowered and needs a rework.

But what if you get voted up before the Pally? Or they confirm themselves before you out? And remember the unconvertable unique sheriff. Assassin was replaceable, yet I didn’t see assassins claiming sheriff to kill the real sheriff.