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Just Some (More) Ideas


Frame. Tailor


I’m assuming you get the results at night?


Not if it’s a day ability, unless it works like exhume And window peek still doesn’t fit with the theme of observer




Wasn’t my plan but sure

That’s even easier lel



Observer gets results at night

Nightwatch gets them immediately


But Nightwatch


Nightwatch is named to daywatch




Good change right?




then it’s renamed to Firewatch and is a great game :^)


Isn’t that a game where there’s a fire and a dude working on something there’s a cave…summer job? I have vague memories I think


NETSI is the best named ability or passive Orange. Many people including me would be much aggrieved if it was changed


Change probe back to the meat


Paladin and Sheriff should be reworked.
Paladin into a new killer class.
Sheriff has a unseen and cult finder


Also ss surviving is bad you silly man


Yeah I don’t particularly care about that one tbh


In general I like your suggestions. I strongly oppose making Paladin unconvertable however. We’ve been there with the unconvertable Sheriff. Terrible idea, as bad as Allies.

Regarding Hunter, I would also like to eliminate the “hunters vote each other” meta. But I definitely don’t support removing Retribution, it’s just too fun. What I would support is some sort of nerf to it. Like perhaps making it a limited-use (single-use?) passive that you have to manually activate. This way there is more counterplay: Assassin could, for instance, distract Hunter before voting him up so that he doesn’t get arrowed. Or bait Hunter into wasting Retribution, then vote up Hunter the next day.

I don’t see a problem with Alchemist truth potion. I think it’s a worse idea to let Observer keep it.


Except we haven’t really

Either both were convertible, or just Sheriff wasn’t

And that wasn’t good moreso because of the mechanics of the Unseen than because unconvertible investigatives are inherently bad

And when we had a single Paladin it was really overpowered

So there is definitely a yet-unexplored middle ground that I would very much like to find.