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Just Some (More) Ideas


but yeah. Herbalist is 100% social


No. All classes need some feedback to prevent them from being boring. There is nothing wrong with being semi-investigative.

I’d still prefer it if they were merged into poison instead, but I agree that they should be merged. And this wouldn’t allow assassin to fakeclaim Hunter since Hunter is occupation immune

Classes shouldn’t have a double win condition. You shouldn’t be able to escape one. And there is nothing wrong with the current scorned win condition

It should remain a night ability. Making it a day ability will give it more time to be healed, and gives the target more time.

I like Retribution though. There is nothing wrong with it.

No. There are enough unconvertables. The only BD class that should ever be conversion immune from the start is the prince. And paladin is already OP, this would make it broken

No. The main weakness of sheriff and paladin is being able to be easily fakeclaimed.

This is too harsh. All NKs need survivability. Possessor isn’t that OP

Possessor needs some way to counter posswords, otherwise they become weak lategame. If you must do this then make possess see the chat history of the target.

Wisp needs a rework, not a buff. And there needs to be more deduction in this game, not less.

A day faction check is broken regardless of uses

I like everything else.


1: temporary claim is better than no claim

2: read the thing you literally have right above this :stuck_out_tongue:


The winrates disagree :slight_smile:

Also it’s not really escaping one if they both serve the same purpose


I personally don’t that much, and there is definitely something wrong with it if Hunter is made non-unique.

And, as in general non-unique classes provide more classes and more claims, in the end I’d prefer to have less of them rather than more.


Yeah see here’s the thing though

You literally can’t argue that this is unbalanced because it’s just a different system, and the last line is literally “balance from there”.

I know it won’t be perfect immediately. Yet it is entirely, 100% possible to balance the game around having a unique and unconvertible Paladin.

That’s how the game used to be, and although both systems work just fine, the reason I personally think it would be cool to bring this one back is just… variety.

Leaving Sheriff as-is but making Paladin special, unique, and unconvertible will further distinguish how the two factions play out. In my opinion, they could use that.

Also nobody said that it shouldn’t be fake-claim-able; in fact, I literally said that it should be. But rather than fakeclaim a Paladin to survive longer, the objective should be to fakeclaim it to kill the real Paladin. You’re the Cult for goodness sake, the entire idea is that your members are expendable.


This literally only affects one BD class. It’s a relatively small nerf on its own.

And I don’t know if you saw, but Possessor’s winrate is approaching double that of the Sorcerer. It needs some nerfs.


Actually 2


Right now their endgame is clearly too strong. At most I’d show their whisper history. That may still be too much.




I’d be okay with this, but it has to be relatively weak. Princess is in a pretty good spot right now.


Knight and Chronomancer


I wasn’t personally including kills made by non-BD and then redirected by Chrono

But now I am


I agree

I also believe this is less broken than current Observer

And that it’s pretty easy to fake as evil in most cases


Round 1

Orange VS Rhcube



Find some other way then. I dislike the idea of a double win condition, and scorned should be NC rather than NE. I don’t get why scorned has a low win rate, it’s pretty easy

The game was different then.

I agree that the two factions should be made more unique, but the cop should never be unconvertable. And you shouldn’t be buffing the cops(at least not while they are still separate)

But an unique paladin is harder to fakeclaim, and will result in you getting killed just as much as a real paladin.

That is too harsh of a nerf though. Poss isn’t even that OP, all NKs should be able to survive Knight.

But nerfing the survivability is not the way. All NKs should be able to survive Knight. And I’d rather sorc be buffed. Possessor isn’t that OP.

But their endgame becomes weak if they have no way to counter posswords. They will be easily outed. Just showing whispers would be fine. I still don’t think poss is that OP.

Um what? Observer is actually hard to fake, I don’t get why people fakeclaim it.

I love fool(and masochist)


Observer is easy to fake claim if you know what you are doing tbh


Not really. Sure, you can bus the assassin, but if a player visits your target then you’re dead


I meant the day check

A day check is easy to fake

Just visits or visitors is easier to fake

My change makes Observer easier to fake


It’s still overpowered though. It has no counterplay