Just Another Pretender Rework

The Pretender - Neutral Special


Vulnerable - Any attack to The Pretender bypass Occupy,Redirect,King’s guard,Healing or delay.It also blocks off sheriff’s scout and observer’s follow.(Bleed can still be cured or delayed)

Royal Blood - During an election for a new king, votes for you count twice.

(Day ability)

Ballot Mixing(2 charge) - When there are any abstained player from a vote,Pretender will force those player to vote either execute or pardon.(Won’t work when Pretender is up’d)

Rented safeguard(2 charge) - The pretender will get death immune tonight.

(Night ability)

Blood test(Unlimited charges) - Check a player to see his class type and does he have royal blood.

Kinslayer ambush(3 charges) - Attack a checked player/King,No need to be royal blood.But if the player is death immune,Pretender lose all her charges.(Cannot be healed)

Goal:Become king and survive till the end of the game.

This won’t open claim,totally.



Prevent D1 pret.

This also make pretender claim as princess,because if she doesn’t do so.Unseen/Cult will immediately attack her.

I’d argue that it makes D1 Pret claims more likely, since if she claims Pretender rather than Princess there’s at least a chance that they’ll leave her alone (since she can win with them). It would basically force her to side evils (which I guess could discourage D1 prets).

In any case, a macho passive (i.e. one that makes attacks against you guaranteed to succeed) on a survivor seems ill-advised.

Sure,they can leave pret alone.But that will be not recommended because that can put evil’s claim be in a disadvantage.

And um I changed a bit about rented safeguard.to make pret won’t die easily

She’s still less survivable than alchemist. Hard no

Also since Bleeding out is an attack (Untargetted passive attack, but still an attack), you will die if you are bled.

Actually it’s provably not

Oof,I will just edit it to make it can be delayed or healed.

It’s not like a Princess claim substantially improves the situation.

How to discourage BD siding:

Positive benefit to BD if Pret is lynched

I don’t know how that would look in terms of balance, but there are many out of the box ways you can make it so that a Non-BD shouldn’t want to open claim early.
I don’t think Macho would help

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I don’t see how this helps. Sure some assassins/NKs will just kill the pretender claim D1 but why would you?
If someone openly claims pretender D1 guess what they’re not? Prince. So because you know that the pretender claim isn’t prince you would just attack someone else who might be prince. Also your whole point of pretender claiming princess doesn’t really solve any issue.Now the pretender just gets attacked every time because evils thinks she’s BD and she literally cannot be saved in any way. Now I don’t think there is an issue personally but from the way I understand it people don’t like the D1 pretender claim and think its too easy to win as. As an evil the pretender is probably the least of your worries as having to claim within your class type is usually pretty easy. The class that would be most affected is NK if they got caught but I doubt the NK kills the pretender. Also if worse comes to worse you can always act like you were framed as an evil or say the pretender is scorned.

This is somehow worse then current Pret wtf.

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