Just a Sellsword rework

Sellsword Mk2.0 :shield:
Neutral Offensive

Dirty Deeds: You are immune to non-BD attacks once. You are occupation and redirection immune.
Background Deals: You will appear as a member of the Cult/ Unseen to investigative checks. If you fail to achieve your win condition you will suicide.

Valiant Sacrifice (1 use): Choose a player, if they are executed today you will swap places and be executed instead. (something like a day possess)

Intimidate (inf use): Occupy and frame target player.
Stonewall (3 use): Occupy everyone targeting your target, except those attacking or converting your target. You can not target the same player 2 nights in a row.

Win condition: Have the game end with no more than 2 other non-BD executed during the day.


this is like
literally FoL Fool but worse


Real talk: Occupy is an overused effect in ToL, and it dosen’t even function properly most of the time because programming constraints means RAR can’t be used.


And what is wrong with the current Sellsword?

The win condition?

So you don’t like to actually work for your win?

Yes, I absolutely love dying n1 and still winning.
Yes, I absolutely love doing nothing all game and winning.

At least with my proposed win condition you have to manipulate the court into pardoning your evils.

Actually with the streamlining patch shouldn’t NAR cover all situations?

There is nothing wrong with the SS wincon that doesn’t apply to BD/Unseen/Cult besides maybe swing.

What is RAR and NAR?

Reasonable action resolution and Natural action resolution.

Both of which are algorithms for determining the outcomes of night actions.



Reasonable action resolution is more consistent and reliable. However it is also harder to put into a computer (I would know I have tried).

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The day ability imo doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the abilities. possessing a player doesn’t feel like SS to me, and idk how that would help SS win.

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Valiant Sacrifice (1 use): Choose a player, if they are executed today you will swap places and be executed instead.

This is a super cool ability and I would like to see it added to the game in some way

This isn’t needed.

Sellswords perfectly fine

bd can die n1 and winning

Sellswords win con is make sure bd doesn’t win.