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JumblePick (Dropped)


and history…I see things in a different light then most it feels like sometimes XD






Nah,everything is alright. Just making an alliance. Still love ya. :blush:


advert mode engaged say you like alliances…don’t ya?


I love making alliances… especially against some filthy capitalists. :hocho:


If anyone is wondering if Axis and Communits can work together in the long shoot, i would suggest to watch this. :slight_smile:


(I am not responsible for subsequent mental disorders, you are watching at your own risk)



Knew they loved each!



Edit pings won’t work


But this does


Oh, I thought they did tbh


You can really annoy people like


Too op as town lul. If this is added I’m gonna have to buff my Litten Hardcounter class


It’s not to Op

1 use


Oh I thought it was unlimited


no uses stated = unlimited uses



No idea what u t talking about!



The Hoarder

X Investigative

Day Ability: Lock - Prevent visitors to target player tonight. You will know who tries. (1 use)

Night Ability 1: Sabatoge - Learn target player’s faction bypassing tampering of any kind. For this night and the next anyone checking the target will see them as being on the opposite Faction. Neutrals under this effect will be seen as town. (Unlimited)

Night Ability 2: Steal - Take a use off all of target player’s limited use Ability’s. You will gain a use of your limited use Ability’s (including this one) for each use taken. You will know how many Ability’s were stolen this way. (1 use)


Okay nuke

Anti header

Passive-Negates all the hoarders abilities

Joke btw



/revoke my signup

I will consider it later.