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Joke ninja frick you imperial bot


Unseen killer

Passive 1:anime weebs:only spawns if someone has the name ninja. Will replace assasin

Passive 2:denial:appears not sus to investigative classes

Day ability 1:ninja star:inflicts bleed on opponent, instantly kills if they were attacked and immune(infinite uses)

Day ability 2:stealth:your visits wont be seen by others tonight(inifinte uses)

Night ability 1:katana:kill a player, pirces death immunity(infinite uses)

Night ability 2:weeb kid:summon a kid who screams “i have the power of god and anime on my side” so much you cant see chat, messages removed when night starts(1 use)




Stop the denial he will be real reeeee

  • ban him ninjas out
  • this is gud
  • /ignore
  • this message was added after the poll got made

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TIL editing a poll resets all the voters.

@Meteoro /ignore again i dare you

he actually did it the absolute madman