[JOJO GW FM] Squalo and Tiziano

You can speak during the day and night

Do not speak til Game start


Let’s actually be honest.

I believe you are scum lover.
Convince me otherwise.

Why do you think we have this chat and the other chat

Wait, you don’t know we are lovers?

I guess it makes sense, but we have the main thread, the faction thread, and the lovers thread.

I don’t know many uses for just us two over the faction

There are 2 options

  1. We are both town and there is scum in the other chat. And since we are lovers we get to cooperate with each other without outing our lover status (cause it would be 2 kills in price of one).

  2. You are scum and we get it so you can get information from me / arrange stuff so we both won’t die.

I think second is more probable, just becouse if I get specific item, I would be able to make our lovers realation only work one-way (I would not die if you die, but you would still die if I did).

Which… makes more sense to force a kill on other person if they are scum.

Convince me otherwise or I will just out all this to faction hood.


I don’t think i can convince you at this point lol

Tell you what, I’ll just tell you exactly what I do, you can decide if you want to trust me or not

I’m a JoBro, Unita Speciale, Lover and Messanger.

I can Send anonymous messages, I can give two players the ability to speak to eachother at night, and I can allow us to have the Loved status, which apparently makes it so we require more votes to be executed

Makes sense, especially the loved status.


I mean I don’t really have a choice anyway.

If you are town, I have to cooperate with you or we both die.
If you are scum, scum wouldn’t want to lose one of theirs anyway.

Plus I see a good combination here if we do cooperate.

Also I can make the lover status one sided with requiem arrow, it also buffs my other abilities.

I assume the same thing happens for you


I mean that’s what I was refering to when I said you are more likely scum cause I can make lover status one-sided.

I assume it’s just a survivor mechanism


I can make one vote on us not count in plurality case.
Loved status from your side means it works in majority case.

Same requiem ability.

I got 2 more investigative stuff, but that probably shouldn’t be outed yet.

I have one other ability I won’t really tell anyone including people I know for a fact to be allies

so it’s all good