[JOJO GW FM] La Squadra Esecuzioni

You can talk in here Day and Night

Do Not Post in here til Gamestart!

hey gamers

So, we all know that nowhere is safe. This is not a mason which mean one of us can be the enemy stand user, still, I hope we all can work together one way or another

let’s go assassinate the boss :smiley:

Squid is more offensive than usual, probably town

Hello fellow Enemy Stand Users, time to defeat all of the JoBros :^)

Jk, but why the hell did Arete started that kind of discussion :thinking:

Is it for their personal interest? Or a way to disrupt the discussion?

Wait can you remove yourself @Insanity Idk how but I somehow invited you in here

Welp, goodbye, fellow ehm, people.

Farewell to you guys, adios!

my apologies everyone autocorrect failed me

As promised, I really will ignore main thread for a while, not even going to take a look there.

So enjoy these thin reads:

Insanity seems slightly townie for seeming enthusiasm and choice of language, since last time I remember seeing him wolf I think he felt rather flat and toned down. Like, generic sort of talking and pretty formal too. I think hes the type of a player who cant relax and really have fun as a wolf.

Here he seems more carefree fwiw.

Again, this is super weak read.