[JOJO GW FM] Dead Chat

There is Dead interaction


Marshal is W

He specifically told me he would SPK me N1 if he rolled W

This is admittedly not N1 but that’s beside the point

PKR immediately assuming the kill came from a villager is a decent look for him assuming that it didn’t

I am voting Marshal my dude

Marshal did the same thing but ten times faker

I swear to God if I actually got claimvigged for making a joke about SFoL 53

Also Squid is V

Saying that she was V was like the first thing I did in the neighborhood and I don’t think W!Squid would have killed me if she had me pocketed like that

Uni, Squid, and Insanity were the only ones who had actually posted in my neighborhood and thus probably the only ones actually reporting information back to scum chat if W

For what it’s worth I did not give the neighborhood any information about my role

If this is actually what happened Emilia’s wolf equity goes up due to immediately assuming that that was what happened with reference to the specific relevant post

@DatBird @Geyde do I need to remove myself from my neighborhood or can I stick around?

Why is Luxy convinced that I’m a girl aaa

Remove yourself if you can

Possessed defending Marshal here is not a great look

I’m conftown I’m allowed to shade people off of preflips :^)

I’m just going to pretend that I got killed for being good

Leaning V on Luxy

to be clear this is not just because he’s pushing Marshal