Jake, the Clamaint of Nine Hells ascends from hell to Answer questions

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

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Is this another AMA?

No, I’m answering Questions.

what’s hell like

also can you reserve a room for me?

that’s what ama is

There’s always room for more. It’s Hilbert’s infinite hotel.

nice! so i get a room for myself? what if i bring someone to hell with me?

how expensive is the hotel, uqality of the rooms/service/food etc etc

If you bring a person with you, they get their own room. The quality of service is fine. Really, the only bad thing is that it’s infested with your worst fear.

$5 a night

How much for a High Class room on the top floor?

What do you mean “Top Floor”?

A room on the top floor

What do you mean by a “Top floor”?

Floor :infinity:

what if my worst fear is being alone :c

not worth it if it’s infested with my worst fear

can i clean it out/gain money in hell?

What is “Clean” and “Gain”?



aka can i make my room pure and uninfested and increase my money bc it costs $5 a night to live there?

if it’s no to both of those then i’m gonna find a better hotel :unamused:

also this