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Its Been 2 Years



Holy shit is the least i can say. I barely expected to be here and somewhat active 2 years later. I’d like to give a few shout outs
also yo fuck you Kai, first and foremost, for making me do this shit (Only kanye line i swear)

Someone saying they needed a replacement for FoL in the ToL General chat. My life was actually changed because of you so s/o to whoever you were

@orangeandblack5 whenever i played with you I had a great time regardless of alignment. If i remember correct the best thing that came out of us playing together was a “To Be Fair, You have to have a very high IQ to understand occupying confirmed BD” copypasta from my mistake in SFoL11(?)
So hope you doin well with your cars

@PokemonKidRyan words cannot describe how grateful I am to have met you. I loved nearly every moment we had together (no i am not interested in Ryan fuck off. i hope hes married to Wolfy) My personal fav moment together was FoL11 where YOU REFUSED TO FUCKIN LYNCH FROST AS DEVOUT AND THEN CULT WOULD HAVE HAD MAJORITY YOU MASSIVE DONK. Sorry I am still a tad bit pissed about that.

@Shurian shu shu shu! Shuuuuu shuu shuuu! Shu shu shu? SHUUUUUUU!!! Need I say more? Always enjoyed our time together in rps and the like. Please dont do more stats with your new RP. please dont.

Also if yall want you can ask me anything (wow kai ur really good at disguising an AMA thread. Ik thx)
AS WELL, if i didnt shout you out it doesnt mean you didnt matter to me, i just picked three names outta a hat.
Finally I’d like to propose a toast. I said toast motherfucker! (oops i lied soz)
(god this post is a mess)


how many years till you disappear forever and act like this forum never existed

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give it 1 or 2

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fuck maybe 6 months idk



I’m genuinely touched to be your first shoutout

It’s been fun doing stuff with you too man, even the times you told me you wished I wasn’t in the game :kissing_heart:

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2nd overall but first to be named. When i think of good times with FoL you come to mind first :kissing_heart:

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Yeah I’ll take what I can get

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haha, ily orange

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On to year 3 :slight_smile:


only 7 more months til your year 3 i think


wait no oof im dumb


Time to find out who this person was!

(by searching a ton of posts.)


prob jammy/alfa


Honestly I feel honoured to have been mentioned.
I was planning on coming back from the shadows to play a game here once again but yay for exam period xD
Congrats on 2 years here Kai and I’m thankful to have spoken to you too.


cheers mate, hopin your doin great with wolfy


Hello :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey :slight_smile:
Also things are going great with Wolfy.
I’m sure he’ll come here again. We’ve just been busy


thats great! glad yalla re very happy together


Nvm too lazy to check.

We’ll just assume this.