It's 12:30am, and I am bored, ask me questions or something

Honestly I don’t know why I made this thread,

I kinda just wanna feel more connected to you guys to prove I’m not just a robot or an empty vessel (my Waz alts can confirm)

ask me anything I guess, feel free to ask personal questions. (I will choose if I want to answer them or not) but all questions must be forum appropriate…

…or don’t at all, that also works.

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it’s 12:30am and i’m going sleep

if you do wanna ask any questions I’ll answer them in the morning.

If you were to design a game (computer, board, irl, anything), what would it be about and how many players could play it at once?

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If you had a buck, what would you do?

Hmm, interesting question.

I don’t actually know but maybe it would be about a game where you can make your own paths and there are multiple routes? I don’t really know much.

Usually I’d go for 1-4 but this could be 1-6.

whats a buck

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Do you like memes

Like one euro

No. I meant like the deer.

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Oh fuck

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Do you breathe memes?

I inhale memes and exhale death.
So half yes.

Are you a pro at fol

No but I’m a pro at being a noob at fol thus that makes me a noob at being a pro at being a noob at fol.

Have you ever tried meditating?
Would you think you’ll feel relaxed in a meditation session?


I personally don’t think I would as silence drives me crazy.

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