ISO would be an awesome feature

Imagine this: You’re an Observer and you are trying to decide who to follow. It’s mid game so a bunch of people have their logs out, but the chat was going fast and you were active so you couldn’t examine them closely. It’s already night so you don’t have a lot of time to examine the entire chat log to find the claims you missed. What do you do?

Or say your a Possessor and you are trying to predict who the Prince might be. There are subtle cues that might give this away but there is so much noise with everything at once it’s hard to pick them out from just one person.

Or lets say you are a sheriff and you want to figure out who to check using someone’s voting patterns. While you can search all system messages in general, you want to see if a specific player is worth checking based off of multiple trials and if they openly argued for or against specific lynches.

All of these situations and more all have 1 thing in common. They require quickly knowing everything a specific player has said or done. From there you can try and pick out patterns and tells that might say what class they are and what faction they are, or just find something you missed from the chat going by quickly.

Viewing all messages involving a selected player would allow all of these things to be done quickly and efficiently.

All that would need to happen is a button in the chat history button where you can select a player to filter by messages that include that player. Specifically:

Messages said by that player
System messages by that player (votes, trials ect)
Ability’s that include the player in the results (such as seeing them in follow or targeting them)
Whispers to an from that player

Further filtered by the tab you are in (public, system ect)

Right now this is the feature I want the most. Even more than any specific balance change or rework or whatever.


You might want to explain what an ISO is… most people don’t know that.


An ISO is one players posts all isolated in a list from oldest to newest

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oh right

ISO is a list of everything a specific player has said out of context


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Already suggested something like that mate.

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Mhm. It would be such a handy tool to have when scumreading.


That would be nice but a retrospective ISO log would be even better, especially if both exist

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That is a retrospective iso log.

It isn’t - the suggestion Kape made is to highlight posts by one player.

That puts emphasis on their posts, but it is far from their posts in isolation.


Bump. Plz implement this devs, this is my #1 feature request.

As a scum, the general noise of the court cloaks your mistakes. Taking it away nerfs scum, as their mistakes are revealed. Even though both sides can use it, the evils are nerfed heavily as they now have to play perfectly without mistakes

and they now have the tools to do so.

If it means allowing for higher level strategies to be practical then whatever the balance implications are is worth it.

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Well, since you don’t add anything new to this, this is technically a necro-bump



it’s bringing its attention to the dev team, i don’t see the problem

there’s literally already an iso feature how high are you rn

You too nuke

it’s called the log thing