Isn’t it Frightening?

Isn’t it frightening that Xblade can IP track you and call the cops on you? He literally could rob you from knowing when you are home from the tol time played? The possibilities are endless but … I don’t know XBlade personallly all these situations are hypothetical and generic but it’s the thought that counts imo. Some recent action made me think of this and I am a little spooked.

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Personally I don’t give a shit unless something would happen to Pandas.


No it’s not frightening at all

Any site owner could do that if they wanted

This is not unique at all


If you’re scared about this use a VPN lol


People are going to go to UMICH and kidnap you

CIA is on the case, sir! :police_car: :policeman:

Why is it always all caps with you?

And good luck finding me out of 40,000 students


Hell, I could give you my dorm and you’d still never be able to find me


umich looks wierd. UMICH looks better

U of M lmao

Nah UMICH someone can up track you

Let’s stay on topic in the off topic thread my dude

Also UMASS can be U of M my dude. UMICH is good

are we talking about school pride

Well what dorm and what school?

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As well as social security number and bank I.D.

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Your forgetting the government can track your phone… and hackers.

There’s bigger fish to keep an when out for than a large development team

A large development team?


Actually just give nuke everything while your at it.

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