Is this supposed to happen in this order?

What happened: Night 1, I (drunk) Debauch 1 (assassin), 1 (sin) 2 for 1’s both 6 (hunter) and 7(king), Knight sacrifices on (7) king. I get the message that I redirected them, yet both 6 and the Knight AND the Assassin all die, and I live. Is that supposed to happen that way?

What was SUPPOSED to happen: I would assume it should have been, I debauch 1, 1 kills me, wastes 2 for 1?

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Be drunk
  2. debauch an asssassin using 2 for 1 on 2 targets, have a knight guarding one of the two targets.

Seems normal to me. Knight died because “sacrifice to give his life for the king” he was probably targeted. You redirected him, perhaps someone visited you. causing them to die ??? or am i interpreting this wrong

I debauched the assassin, the assassin targeted 2 people with 2 for 1. all 3 of them die, I live.

Clearly Debauch doesn’t work on multi target ability’s. If that’s the case I would agree with it because otherwise it would be arbitrary which one to swap if its only 1 and OP if its both.