Is there anomosity between the ToL and FoL / i42 Forums communities? If so, how can we repair the relationship?

Hey all,

I’m kind of wondering if there might be any sort of tension or animosity between the ToL and Forums communities. If there is, I don’t want there to be. Some people like kat, Arete, and I, try to have an active role in both.

I guess I made this thread to discuss why this animosity exists, if it does exist, and how we may try to repair the bond between the two communities, if there is this animosity.

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me and noobs

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There’s no animosity, fol has nothing to do with tol.

ok, if you say so

What you are seeing is the clash of culture when someone from TOL goes to FOL

pretty much culture shock

So this sure is a fascinating coincidence, I was just about to write up something similar

More to come when I get on my laptop

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Been too busy to know what has even become of ToL’s community post-Purge

Haven’t played ToL in over a year, dealing with lets say ‘challenged’ players and a stale meta made it boring


Yeah, Maxwell
Truth is, almost noone in the forums is playing ToL
and almost no ToL players are playing in the forums
of course there are exceptions, but jk

what is tol


Can’t think of anyone who’s really active in both communities besides katze, arete, and I.

heard it was some sort of candy not sure tho

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@Firekitten remember the FoL player ToL game?

Lol I heard stories about that like 4-5 months ago.

Margaret was Mastermind


Forum Mafia can’t handle large amounts of new players rushing in, it resets the whole community pretty much

imagine how different fm would be here if over 20 tol players played here, who have never played FM before.

I’ll rather get a couple each time and not have a flood thanks

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NFoL 3 was pretty much that