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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Don’t have the experience or insight to make an informed vote.


I have 15 votes right now. Voting closes soon!


When exactly?


Whenever I’m too tired to keep working on my machine learning project


Marcus gets bonus points for the solid throwback meme btw




After tallying up the votes and performing the runoff process, @Firekitten has been chosen to represent Forum of Lies in the Mafia Championships Season 6.

The final, post-runoff tally of the fifteen received votes is:

Firekitten: 9
Alice: 5

And yes, for those of you counting, that does mean that there was one person who did not vote for either of these candidates.

I am not required to disclose your votes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t judge you for them.

Anyways, gg to Firekitten. Hopefully those post caps don’t put a damper on his day. :stuck_out_tongue:




I mean if it’s 4 votes for third place, I’d personally wish to discuss who would become backup… so what was the count for the third one?



Do you at least both accept to be send as respectively nominee and backup?


I accept.




What a coincidence, a MU representative happened to appear in the thread not long after you finished voting.


Congrats Kitten and Alice! May the reads be with you!


Lol that was me I just voted Memesky in first.


I will neither confirm nor deny this


Alright so I submitted my form and I’m excited


Guys I need help making this



HAVE PLAYED MAFIA ON THE FOLLOWING SITES: Throne Of Lies, Mafia Universe, Pokebeach, Myanimelist, Animebase and Town Of Salem


[Insert whatever information or fun facts that you wish here. Talk about your mafia-related accolades, impressive stats, fun anecdotes, favorite role to play, strengths and weaknesses, your approach to the game, other players’ quotes about you, or take out the piss on the whole thing and make some jokes. The ball is entirely in your court, this will be how you present yourself to your fellow competitors and to the many spectating communities.]

Feel free to enlist the help of your community to make this bio.


this is going to sound embarrassing what’s a nationality


like where I’m from?


Yes. I’d assume you’re an American.