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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Wait Hipp0lytus doesn’t have permission to PM people for some reason so I can’t make the joke :sob::sob:


I don’t think I have one???


Okay I do now but @Solic why in the world are you saying “I see you didn’t count mine” if you sent it after???


I referred to this.


Oh lol

Completely and totally forgot about that, just went through my PMs


@Hippolytus this method is really nice for me, as carrying out the runoff is much easier when pulling from PMs in this format


what do you think I was pinging you for :laughing:


If there is a way to interpret it as offensive, I will find it.


I find this offensive


I can see





When do you want to close it?


If so

Last chance for voting, way too few of you have

Like less than voted on Fool which is weird


Well uhh tonight is a very timezoney term, but I’d prefer if it closed on time, so that we can have some time to debate if it’s close and we don’t send a representative/backup right before the deadline.


There’s 11 days until the deadline

What do you consider “on time”?


But yeah I’m good to close it tonight if you want :+1:


That’s an absolute deadline and someone else told me we shouldn’t be cutting it close which I agree with tbh. Tonight should be fine. Discussion might be most clarifying factor anyways.





Ill damn vote


Wish i could vote but sadly I cannot.


Why not?