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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Reminder: Vote


places a dog mask on

no u


But seriously, don’t send Memesky. He may be a T R U E M E M E but if you guys actually send him i’ll quit this community and only play on MU out of embarrasment


Its kinda sad that I know that you will leave our community when this game begins


I have no idea what you are talking about…none at all. I totally would never do that


Time to pay for your sins


Probably good to add a time limit as well.


Wait I’m doing it wrong.



Time limit is some time


Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve been awake for way too long


U’ve got my vote u’ll do great



Isn’t that just another reason to send him tho :partying_face:



I’ll fight you with my


also hippo is this rn



just a joke


Also whatever happened to that PM chain




How much longeerrr

Also, yes i abstained from voting.




Reminder to vote

I’ll probably end it Monday morning