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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Voting Round 2

Follow all instructions below, or your vote may not be counted.

The remaining five players up for a spot as our representative for the Mafia Championships are:


In order to choose the actual, final representative, we will be performing a vote by a process known as Single Transferrable Vote or Instant-Runoff.

Here’s how this will work.

Copy and paste the below message into a PM to @TheAltInOurStars. Fill out the end of each line with a number between 1 and 5, indicating the order in which you would prefer each potential candidate, with 1 being your first choice, and higher numbers representing lower and lower preference. You do not need to give every candidate a number - leaving one blank automatically assigns them the lowest priority. For example, if you have one strong preference and no other preferences, you may give one candidate a score of “1” and leave the rest blank. If you have any further questions on the process, send me a PM at @orangeandblack5.

# Mafia Championships Ballot
### Alice: 
### Firekitten: 
### Margaret: 
### Mathblade: 
### Memesky:
Example Ballot

Mafia Championships Ballot

Alice: 1

Firekitten: 2

Margaret: 3

Mathblade: 4


Remember: Ballots get sent to @TheAltInOurStars.


where does the vote go if there are multiple blanks and the numbered ones do not get chosen?


No votes for best one :frowning:


It is discounted once all numbers have been exhausted.

Hence why that is the lowest possible priority. It is equivalent to saying “I don’t want this person”.


I’m in charge, self-voting is allowed. Please don’t just pick yourself though, you have slots 2-5.


Went from highest to lowest alphabetically, sorry bud


1 - eevee
2 - Small_Tank
3 - eevee_bot
4 - Sylveon
5 - James2
6 - greenandblack5

Wait, there was 5 candidates only?

Oh well.




Dayum, Geyde stole my bot.


send me votes nerds


@orangeandblack5 this is like saying ice cream is allowed but don’t eat it


I’m gonna count anybody who only puts themself as 1

I’ll just discount it if there’s a tie

And I’ll look down on you if you don’t have at least a second choice if you don’t go

Unless you’re @Memesky I guess


So will everyone votes be revealed afterwards.
If not will the 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place and 5th place be revealed?


I’ll figure that out later, depending on if I have time to make a good way to store these (spreadsheet?) or just quickly plug them in to another program

Expect your votes may be made public, but that’s not guaranteed unless people think I’d fudge the numbers lol


You would do that since memesky is secretly your alt :eyes:


Because I’m not opposed to being 100% open

It just takes time I don’t necessarily want to take to make it presentable


Welcome back


Cant wait to c u in maf championships carrying scum


Maybe you shouldn’t have voted for Luxx and Memesky then… :thinking:


I have no problem with my vote being a public one:

  1. Firekitten
  2. Alice
  3. Margaret
  4. Mathblade
  5. Memesky


Against the law!