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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Yes We dont need Thats Why We send memesky Cuz Its funny And he is pretty Good when he tries


You can’t say he’s good when he tries when he doesn’t try. I don’t think you can even quote a game where he tries


He hadnt had a reason to try
Now he has


Invalidating your own argument when trying to defend it lol


Your only arugment here’s is that it’s funny


It was a point to if he hasnt ever tried on Forum And I am sure he has tried but people shut him down because of his previous reputation


So how was he pretty good when he tried but you aren’t 100% he has.



Everyone Are Good when they try


Memesky doesn’t even play here anymore, so basically the only serious contenders are Math, Fire, me, and Marg.


We will force him to play




Why do they think bad of us


How about firekitten goes but under an account called memesky and with memes pfp


Everybody wins





Err… context?


who is james2


Person who ran a all fools game without telling anyone that it was a BASTARD GAME

besides saying a small bastard element


Oh wow you’ve been talking to Shakespeare?
Something something Shakespeare was robbed.