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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Yea fine.

This means I can yell at you if something goes wrong :smile:


So congrats to Firekitten, Alice, Memesky, Margaret and Mathblade for passing this round then.


Go ahead.


Is that the same as instant runoff?


/vote Memesky


Also, as mathblade isn’t here right now, I’d have to advocate for the condorcet method, with STV/IRV as a backup.
I know that’s a lot with 5 candidates, but it does produce the theoretically best winner almost all of the time


ToL forum:

Lets choose the mathematically proveable best way of voting

Also ToL forum:

/vote Memesky


I love it


I could try that but

A: I don’t have that much time

B: If no winner is found then I need to create another method to find one and

C: That takes more time





On a serious note, I actually don’t suggest sending memesky even though it seems like a great meme pick. People already think bad of the community here and imagine sending memesky there and what they will think of us then.


That this Forum is evil wich is true
/vote memesky


no that this community is just bad

PKR/WOLFY drama 2 years ago first painted us in a bad light
Several of the people joining games and not actually playing them (or signing out at the last minute)
Luxy, Geyde Ect.

If we send memesky we just make us look even worse. Sending someone who has an actual chance of advancing and maybe even winning is always better here then sending a meme pick. Plus, if we did send memesky do you think they would actually send us another invite next year


/Vote firekitten


dama is right I would be a politician when I grow up


I have to find that quote now


Because Its Very important that MU community will think Well of us
Also memesky will be funny maybe he isnt the best player on site but he isnt that bad especially if he tries


He’s actually pretty Good when he tries


if we ever wanted to grow yes actually


We dont need to grow


We don’t need to send anyone here. Don’t need to isn’t really an argument