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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Now I’m not in charge

But if I were in charge

Round two would be STV between the top 5


by the way this is going on


don’t even have to be a chosen rep or even a nomination you can join just to test out the setup


Link them to our version instead of the other way around!



There is the same setup on singups here






tbf it’s probably a better idea to join the one on MU


there’s a different in playing it on here and there


Zones playing on the MU one


So Eevee cannot lead this vote, since they are involved in the championship, so I propose we just have a poll for another 3 days with the 5 best of this one. No clue what STV means though.

So everyone can yell at Orange if something isn’t liked. MUHAHAHAHAHA


But fire is leading and Eevee isn’t in the poll??


Eevee is part of another team participating I think, that’s what I mean. It’d be equally out of place for me to say something otherwise, Since I’m still on the poll guys, even though I’d rather forget that now



Single Transferrable Vote

If you want me to run it I can


How about this


That is literally STV


should have called it irv


The only difference is IRV is just another name for STV when used to pick one winner

Single Transferrable Vote is the general name and more widely known.


fun fact ninja bastard game made me think of this system of voting


Alright @orangeandblack5 do it