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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Grenade is wazza?




i’m a l33t hAcK3r

aNd sAw WaZZaAzZa


Didn’t gernade join a game?


y e s


Wait he joined wazzaazza game


Ban incoming? :eyes:


Thats because the last one was bad


My votes have been cast <3


It is pretty funny that Memesky and Celeste have more votes than Mathblade.

Granted I voted for both of them myself




I can’t decide as I haven’t been around here long enough to be able to really discern who is the most skilled so likely going to abstain on this one.


There’s a lot more to this vote than who is the most skilled. Try thinking about who you feel is the best representative of how FoL plays or who you most enjoy playing with or who you think will gain the most value from this experience or who you think will be most able to adapt to the conditions on MU. Perhaps you can have more concrete answers (and thus votes) to those questions?


Unfortunately I don’t at this time. I have no idea what the conditions on MU are like, don’t know how to assess who would gain the most value, and don’t really have any preferences in terms of people to play with.


Probably Firekitten

Of the choices, Firekitten

Definitely Firekitten

Also probably Firekitten

ngl fire is a solid pick


If we’re talking about the biggest meme, it actually should be me considering that I started the plague memes AND the Hippo memes AND the Icibalus Is Bad At Mafia memes :^)

Now everybody unvote Memesky and Celeste!


well okay maybe not celeste since she’s kind of a god if she tries, but i’ve only seen her actually try once




o really


Looks like it’s Kittens and Brits :slight_smile: (Kitten and Margaret) :slight_smile: