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Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!


Nice invalid date

And again, this is the first round, right?

In that case we should be able to infinitely multivote tbh




@Icibalus nice votes lol


Vote with me


I added some balance


If memesky doesnt win democracy doesnt work



I mean we can vote about whether self-votes should be a thing or we can just stick to the now established format.

I’m just making it convenient for people to do something. Eevee got the invite, so they’d be in charge of sending a nomination. That poll is non-binding, so we can have 10 rounds or we can have 1 round. Whatever works.

I hope the timestamp now works… I don’t know why it didn’t at first. It showed up fine on my screen.


I’m not editing an active poll, because I don’t know what that’d do. We just don’t count votes for him then.


This setup irks me

Maybe I should stop being a perfectionist when it comes to voting systems but still :laughing:


It just won’t let you do it





oh shoot nice


Except now he’s way behind



guys I’m back from a 24h boat ride with no internet


How was your Mafia

people are really bad at mafia believe it or not



I told you lel


APUSH is a hard class


Why is this here lmao


I don’t know tbh