Investigations... {Interest Check}

“Stop making new RPs and return to the old ones you cuc-”

H-hold on just a minute! But I’m gauging interest on a topic! You can’t stop me!


In a world where lawyers and prosecutors face off against one another in court, they deliberate over key matters to dispute a defendant’s innocence.

In this roleplay, time is properly managed. How so? The reason for such a need, is…

Fellow RPers. You play as either… a prosecutor, or a lawyer. One can battle against one another, in the courtroom, that is.

Cases are trialed in court 1 to 3 days after a client pleads not guilty.

During the investigation phase, RPers from opposing sides may meet with one another by chance, thus the managed time.

Currently, the plans for Investigations include…

  • Questioning
  • Examining the Crime Scene
  • Evidence Collecting
  • Theory Crafting
    (Luminol and Fingerprinting will be done by the detectives.)

In the courtroom,

  • Testimony Cross Examination
  • Debation
  • Evidence Examination (I can’t draw, though I can provide detailed analysis.)
  • Court Record

Cases will be designed such that both sides can have an equal chance to win.
So… will there be enough of an interest?
Are there anything more you want from this mini-project? Tell me! :slight_smile:

“You have to tell us the following roles we can pick!”


  • Lawyers
  • Prosecutors
  • Defendant…?
  • Innocent Witness
  • Victim (If I allow Spirit Channeling that is… But I doubt Pearls, Maya or Rayfa would wanna come to the court)

Note that the Prosecution’s Evidence will not be revealed to the Defense until they present it in court.
Note that the Defense’s Evidence will not be revealed to the Prosecution until they present it in court.
Note that testimonies are statements of the crime. Please note for any glaring inconsistency.

“Watching Wright’s face sweat like a rookie has taken all the stress away.”

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ok, i probably shouldn’t but i’m interested

but i’m concerned about hte amount of time i can spend, and idk how active you can be either since u sound pretty busy interning as well

how much time will this take and will u need/want a co host?

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looks at school
looks at health
looks at life

yea im interested


lmao me


Sure this seems like fun

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do you need a co-host as i can manage US times as thats what most people are

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I love me some ace attorney. Dont know if I got the time. But will read it at least

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As of now
Only the weekends are available for me

Probably like end-Nov I can commit to this fully.

Just gonna put this out here first because I did write one case (fan fiction or not) already eheh

Can you not play as like a detective or witness? Can we play as the victim?

May consider that XD
The defendant? Victim could be hospitalised/dead for all we know.

time to find it

huehehueheuhe consider me interesting for co hosting

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Never RPed as a dead guy before, that’s why I’m asking


yall haven’t seen me hosting in full force, marooned! was me testing le waters

Marooned was a game show.


Shuri knows what it truly is and im trusting them to keep their little weeb mouth shut


It’s a trap.
You erased the contestants memories illegally!

read contracts more carefully

also shhhhhhh i plan to rehost marooned

Too late.