Investigations: Courtroom Thread (Part 0)

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Case Brief

Case ID: HM-1171
Detective-in-Charge: Detective Ran Shu Ling
Date Reported: November 13th, 2019
Victim: Aria Ronholdt (Female, Age 32)
Details: Homicide at Chancor Explanade.
Court Room: 8

The Court Entreé, le Simon.

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Public Interpretation

“Aria! What the (bleep)!”
"Call the ambulance!"

A detective who happened to be there rushed towards to the horrendous scene…
“这…这是…” (This… this is…)


This trial shall commence on 15th November 2032. (Ooc 14 September 2019)

To be continued.

@Magnus @Nerbins @Kai_5
Take note.

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Unfortunately. This game has died.

I’m currently moving this game to Discord. I am currently developing a bot to assist with investigations.

(Uh… Sorry.)

To all prosecutors

This is your best weapon.

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