Investigations: Court Record {Personnel}


Gender: Male/Female
Profession: (Lawyer/Prosecutor/Detective/???)
Backstory: ???
Items and Powers: (Any special gimmicks?)
Likes: (What does the character enjoy doing? Any hobbies?)
Dislikes: (What does the character dislike? Be they activities or charecteristics, feel free to write them down.)

Stop Right there! This is still a work in progress. You can prep your replies, but do not reply here!
PM me and I’ll put your CS up :3

Note that without a proper Backstory, I won’t be able to implicate anyone in crimes. >:D

And no. You wanna be Phoenix Wright? Nah. No. Never.
Characters in the main game will not be available for you to play as.

Examples of Powers:
From the ability to detect lies, weaving complicated traps in court to hyper analysis of evidence… names will be given by the Game Master.

Known Abilties.
Lying, Are You?
Witness Manipulation.

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Example CS:


The Judge

Gender: Male
Age: 82
Profession: Judge
Appearance: Hmm…
Backstory: An old man that has years of experience in the juidicial world. He has seen much and experienced much, and has a friendly old demeanour to exercise fair judgement. Fun-loving… and maybe a little bit more than a bit eccentric.
Items and Powers in Court: Judge Hammer, Overrule, Verdict.
Likes: Small talk. Flowers. Fun.
Dislikes: Disorder.

Judge Hammer: Used to declare a closing on a matter of deliberation.
Overrule: The Judge has the power to overrule any objection that is ill-reasoned or lacks substance.
Verdict: The Judge presides over the court and is the one to hand down the fate of the case.

“My, my! GOODNESS! Witness, what is the meaning of this?”
“Please show evidence that proves your theory.”


Court Record (Trial of Musical Murder)

Name: Beeth van Bachus
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Profession: Musician (Piano)
Appearance: Wears a sparkling black tuxedo with a pristine white shirt with black formal pants. short combed hair that’s dyed white with streaks of black. Wears glasses where one arm (where they hold the glasses on your ears) is black and one arm is white. Average build. 5’10.
Status: Alive. Unaffliated.

“Such genius, only I can foresee such an ending!”

Name: Devon Mires
Age: 31
Appearance: Messy Gold hair with a streak of black. Blue eyes with a sharp gaze. He wears a leather jacket, unlike most lawyers, and wears jeans. Lacks care for professionalism…
Profession: Defense Attorney.
Status: Alive, Defense Leader.

Name: Alyza Atiko
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Appearance: Alyza wears a long black dress which covers most of her body. Her black hair is usually swept over her right shoulder. She has long white gloves which she wears.
Profession: Lawyer, Prosecutor
Status: Alive, Lead Prosecutor.

“Fufu… this trial… will end in a matter of minutes.”

Name: Ran Shu Ling
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Appearance: A Chinese lady who ties her hair up in two little buns, a petite figure often wearing a cheongsam. (Chinese Dress). Very motivated in her job.
Profession: Lawyer, Detective.
Status: I’m Hyped!

“Yep! It’s me! What, you don’t know me? That’s a shame… really!”

Objection Quote:


(Wait a minute!)

Name: Daniel Scoville
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Appearance: A man who has flaming red hair, a star inked on his left eye, a wild bulky man who wears rock all over him.
Profession: Rock Star
Status: Jailed, Defendant

“Hey dudes, chill out and ROCK ON!”

These are the basic people in the case. More people will be added to the court record as the investigation goes along.