Invalid Platform?

Hey there! I couldn’t play the game randomly, for whatever reason. I don’t have hours to troll this forum for what seems to be an errant error.

Not sure if this is a unique problem, or, since this game gets a multitude of updates, just an update error.
But I deleted this game to reload it, because it wouldn’t load, and now it says that I have an ‘invalid platform’ and I can’t even re-download the game.

I play on a mac, I have many many hours playing this game. I used to play back when death knights were a thing. And… now I have an invalid platform and can’t even re-download the game.

What’s up? This problem affected me about a week ago… I figured it was an update and would self-resolve.

It hasn’t.

Mac doesn’t work anymore. Something with the recent software update from apple and unity.

there are some work arounds, i think you can check the discord for those.

(i am a fellow mac-user myself)

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So we paid for a game and are just screwed? Was there any refund offered?

I’m not sure.

there are ways to get around this that can be seen on the discord in the mac-linux channel. You might want to try some of those.

Ok. Well, thanks! I appreciate it.

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