[Interest Check] [SFM] Animal Crossing FM

Hey everyone

With the release of New Horizons all but iminent, I was wondering if there would be any interest in an Animal Crossing Forum Mafia game.

I have no idea how i’d go about designing it at this point, but I was thinking either Town are standard villager characters while Mafia are special animal characters (tom nook, resetti, etc.), or everyone is special characters (there are enough to do this too). Maybe a neutral human thrown in there or something.

Let me know what PPL think and if it sounds cool what sort of mechanics you might want if it was created.

it be interesting id prob play

I’m interested.

Sounds interesting, we’ll see how it turns out

Want to help me make it @Amelia
figure you could use some designing / hosting experience sometime and you are a diehard AC fan like me

Although the setup will be closed, so if you help make it, you won’t be able to play (but you could cohost).

if not i can do my best on my own though

I could help you with that

ty <3

Would be useful experience for when I host my setup

what u hosting?

An SFoL with cult uninformed majority

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sounds fun


I’d play

i tried to figure out how to make this work for a redone virtuous setup for virtuous II

will there be doomguy


but i failed so i gave up

Would flavor knowledge be required?

This is the mechanic I want. Doomguy neut

i’m asking the question we’re all thinking about
“will doom slayer be there”