[Interest Check] SCP: Transfer {Roleplay}


After a series of escapes, Location 14, a prison for deathrow inmates, was shut down and the prisoners sent to Site 14. This is not a regular prison. It’s a prison where the prisoners are test subjects, testing anomalous entities. Still, they’ll be moved out of the end of the month, right? One month, and they get to walk free…

If sufficient interest is shown, i’ll Create a character sheet thread.
This is my first topic!

  1. Magnus - D-Class
  2. DirectorHail - D-Class
  3. Simon - Junior Researcher - Scientist
  4. Boss110 - Senior Researcher - Scientist
  5. MaximusPrime - D-Class
  6. Hja - Security Department - Soldier
  7. Sogman - Security Department - Lieutenant

SCPs are lit.
If you like, I’ll help you with some rooms and scps?

Sure, but i’ll keep the story classified from you.
Same as players.


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If you wish to be other than D-Class, contact James.

I’m fine with being D-Class.

Note: I’m only doing this because someone nagged me bout it on Discord.


I wonder who…

you’ve been messaging me for weeks.

Not my fault!


I’m down, I was talking with Magnus saying that if something like this happened again i’d like to be D-Class.

(Or maybe I’m just saying that so you don’t make me D-Class)

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/interested, but not a pre-in

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Is three enough to create CS thread?

Uh… suppose so?
I’ll post it soon.

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interesting to say the least. I’ll see if i can fit in my schedule rn

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Harry Potter?

nah this is sorta what i look like irl

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