[Interest Check] Rokugan not-FM

So I really went into magical samurai RPG, made an entire FM over it that failed in a comical catastrophic way and then jokingly told everyone more about it. With it, I noticed that I grabbed the interest of some people who wanted to actually play the rpg game.
The setting is about the land of Rokugan, in which the seven great clans are each tasked with a specific duty to serve the emperor, and everyone plays samurai with a pair of sharp swords, infinite money and a duty to protect those above and those below you.


I have four ideas of campaigns. The first one we would have to do some parts of it in PMs/outside forums because it would not be content appropriate here, but it is the most amazing product I have ever run. Players are expected to act together as a party. Not necessarily always being at the same places, but always having the same objective. The players are sent to the worst winter court of Rokugan and expected to investigate the background of a maiden who is to marry. It is about politics and passion.
The second one is pretty chill when compared to this in question of age rating and is pretty sandboxy — it is not a campaign but a scenario. Players can be anything, but most famously this setup is played with samurai cops, who may act together or not but are all expected to help eachother at least to enforce law. It is about treachery and deception. I seriously don’t recommend this for new players.
The players arrive into the dirtiest city of Rokugan — an oasis of deception where half the city is addicted to opium.
The third one I know nothing about, but would probably have more memes and one review said that although not a great campaign as the first two, it is still good. It requires players to be samurai cops. If I recall it right it is about investigating the murder of a lady. They are expected to act as a party. It is about obstinatedness and mystery.
The fourth option is me making something entirely from scratch, which probably would be pretty similar to the first option because winter court is the laziest way to reunite 10 weirdos. Or I could force everyone into playing Crane and we can play diplomacy. Would be about anything you guys want, but probably trickery and discovery. Idk. Didn’t plan out much already.

Would be done by text and in any platform you guys want.
The strong point of the game is how players are integrated with the scenario. The system is pretty fluid too and is against minmaxing.

Important Threadmarks

Character sheet - almost everyone: [Interest Check] Rokugan not-FM
Character sheet - shugenja: [Interest Check] Rokugan not-FM

Example sheet - bushi: [Interest Check] Rokugan not-FM
Example sheet - shugenja: [Interest Check] Rokugan not-FM



RP does a body good
Count me interested, and send links to any rulebook PDF’s if they exist.



Download the core rulebook here.


I didn’t want to make the intro long but if you guys want I can explain more here.

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Very very short resume of the clans

  • demon hunters
  • criminal scum
  • pacifist magicians
  • big army big ego
  • horses and desert
  • courtly and beautiful
  • meditate in the mountains
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I think it’s obvious which one im choosing lol.

I’d be fine with any of the first three tbh.
In this order;

Demon Hunters>Pacifist Magicians>Criminal Scum.

When in doubt, you can always count on Bigger Army DiplomacyTM to win the day.

insert mongolian throat singing here

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Call them Nephilim.

Also keep in mind that they are way more complex that that I just made a funny resume

The core book pg 100 explains them well (keep in mind that the Mantis is not a Great Clan yet)

horse archer
horse archer

The demon hunters are the Crab Clan. They have to face on a daily bases unimaginable horrors ranging from corruption of the body and soul to demons themselves. They have a literal fucking wall 100 feet high in their western border. This border leads to the Shadowlands, the lands touched by Hell.

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am interested in rp and also magical samurai society



It is pretty doable inside the Unicorn clan.

aaa i need to understand character creation for a fourth fuckin system assas


do whatever’s fun for u, ur the dm

do note that i am pretty new to rpgs (not the idea but actually playing them since i have mainly just watched in the past and havent actually played) so if u think it’s pretty easy to understand or that i can get the hang of it pretty quickly, then idm anything u choose

Rank 3: The Four Winds Strike
The swift and relentless assault of a Shinjo is a dreadful sight to behold for his enemies. You may make attacks as a Simple Action rather than a Complex Action when wielding weapons that possess the Samurai keyword. If you are fighting while mounted, you may also attack as a Simple Action when wielding a bow.