[Interest Check] [Misc] [Discussion Thread] BotF IV Interest Check & Discussion Thread V2

Blood on the Forums IV: Glimpse of the Future


Co-Storytold by @Marshal and @N.1

Character List:


Htm (RENAME COMPLETE): You secretly have the ability of an out-of-play townsfolk, but you do not know what your ability is. Each day, privately guess what it is: you learn how accurate you are with a one-word response that is one of the following five words: Frigid / Cold / Cool / Warm / Bingo (if you guess correctly) based on the level of similarity of the ability you have to the one you guessed, determined by the Storyteller. You can attempt to use any ability before you guess yours correctly, but if you attempt an ability you don’t have, you’ll be poisoned.

Italy (RENAME COMPLETE): You start knowing 2 players that are not the Demon.

NuclearBurrito (RENAME COMPLETE): Starts knowing three players, one and only one of which is evil.

KyoDaz (RENAME COMPLETE): You learn that a certain townsfolk is in the game. If you are mad that you are that townsfolk character for the entirety of the game until that townsfolk dies and never, ever break madness (up to ST discretion), if you are still alive when that townsfolk dies, you then become that townsfolk.

Hippolytus (RENAME COMPLETE): You appear as an extra minion to the Demon and a second Demon to the minions.

Eevee (RENAME COMPLETE): You are a minion, know who the Demon and the other minions are, register as evil, register as an out-of-play minion of the Storyteller’s choice, and are told the identity of that out-of-play minion character to bluff as. If the Demon publicly guesses you to be the Eevee (they can attempt this once per game), you lose, even if you are already dead.

DirectorHail (RENAME COMPLETE): Each night, learn 1 new in-play character (dead or alive).

Kape (RENAME COMPLETE): Each day, privately ask the Storyteller to tell you 1 piece of false information. Up to once per game, you might unknowingly get true information with this ability instead.

Marshal (RENAME COMPLETE): Each day, privately in your classcard, choose a 1 word topic on which the Storyteller tells you 1 fact. You cannot choose a topic that you have already chosen or a topic that is blatantly a synonym of a topic you have already chosen. If you attempt either of those, you will be told to re-select your topic. If an alive neighbor is evil, you get false info.

Simon (RENAME COMPLETE): Each night (but not the first night), you gain the ability of the most recent executee. If they are evil, the Storyteller chooses an ability for you of their choice and you are poisoned until a good player dies this way.

Vulgard (RENAME COMPLETE): If either alive neighbor died by execution today, all players are safe from the Demon tonight.

Priestess (RENAME COMPLETE): When you start, choose a day number: if all dead players are good that dawn, they are all resurrected as good travellers of the Storyteller’s choice at that Dawn (However, the Icibalus must appear as a part of this ability if the game had no starting travelers), and the characters of all of these travelers will be publicly known.

Universal (RENAME COMPLETE): If both your starting neighbors die before you do, something good happens, up to the discretion of the Storyteller but something that undeniably helps the state of the game for your team in some way.


N.1 (RENAME COMPLETE): The Minions also learn three roles to bluff as. The bluff list given to the Minions will be the same for each minion and may or may not overlap with the bluff list given to the Demon.

Geyde (RENAME COMPLETE): There are no other outsiders and no outsider modification effects work. You have the abilities of every other spawnable outsider. If more than one outsider was supposed to spawn, replace all remaining outsiders with townsfolk.

Margaret (RENAME COMPLETE): When you nominate for the first time, if the nominee is not the demon, they are executed no matter the vote total. You can not ever nominate again.

Katze (RENAME COMPLETE): The night after the first execution, you become the alignment of the first player to be executed this game.


Scarlet Woman: If there are 5 or more players alive & the Demon then dies, you become the Demon (Travelers don’t count).

Orangeandblack5 (RENAME COMPLETE): If you publicly claim to be the Orangeandblack5 after you are nominated but before players vote, and are then executed that same day, you win.

DatBird (RENAME COMPLETE): Once per game, choose to make a wish of your choice privately in your classcard. The Storyteller will decide whether or not to grant it, and if granted, your wish will have a price, and ST will publicly tell the court a clue to the nature of this price. Everyone will be alterted if the wish is granted, but it won’t be revealed publicly if it isn’t granted.

Arete (RENAME COMPLETE): You start knowing a secret word that is chosen by the Storyteller. The first player who says it publicly, turns evil.


Headhunter (RENAME COMPLETE): Each night (but not the first night), select 3 players. They all must choose whether they live or die. But if they all choose life, they all die. Already dead players who choose to live are revived, unless all three players choose life that night.

Revenant (RENAME COMPLETE): Each night (but not the first night), choose a player. They die. At the beginning of the game, choose a player and they are poisoned for the entire game. You die if and only if that player dies.

Arbiter (RENAME COMPLETE): Each dusk (but not the first dusk), choose any players of any number: tonight, they will all be added to a group DM for the night. They cannot speak with each other in this group DM, but they may only submit any chosen targets or feigned, fake chosen targets within this group DM, NOT within their own classcards. This group DM may only be used for that one night and only for submitting and/or changing night targets WITHOUT stating what ability you are attempting to use. You may but do not have to feign targets if you do not have an ability to use. If you make multiple submissions, only the last one will be counted. Tomorrow during the day, if 1 these players dies, they all die. One good player of the Storyteller’s choice will die each day that no one dies that day.

Templar (RENAME COMPLETE): Each night, either mark two players or kill all marked players. Marked players learn that they are marked.


Icibalus (RENAME COMPLETE): Kill one of the two living players next to you each day, but only if the other neighboring living player agrees first (either publicly or within whispers). If one of your neighbors consents, you may kill the other. A neighbor’s consent does not affect your ability to kill that person, only the opposing neighbor (this must be the first traveler that appears in the game by whatever means necessary. Players can choose the one they want for all the rest but ST chooses the additional ones if the Prophet ability activates).

Scapegoat: If a player of your alignment is executed, you might be executed instead.

Gunslinger: Each night, you may choose a player who voted on the first nomination of that day; they die.

Beggar: You must use ghost votes to vote. A dead player may give you their ghost vote (this renders them unable to vote); if they do so, you learn their alignment.

Bureaucrat: Each night, choose a player (not yourself); that player’s vote(s) to execute count as three votes tomorrow.

Thief: Each night, choose a player (not yourself); that player’s vote(s) to execute will count negatively tomorrow.

Apprentice: On the first night you are in play, you will gain a Townsfolk ability if you are good, or a Minion ability if you are evil. The ability that you receive may or may not be a duplicate of one already in play.

Matron: Once per day, you may publicly choose two players; these players swap positions. Players may only whisper their neighbors.

Voudon: Only you and the dead may vote on executions. The dead do not spend a vote token to vote, and do not require one. A 50% majority is not required for an execution.

Judge: Once per game, you may force an outstanding nomination to succeed or fail (but not if you made that nomination).

Bishop: The Storyteller makes all nominations. At least one player opposed to your alignment must be nominated each day.

Butcher: Each day, after the first execution, you nominate again.

Bone Collecter: Once per game, at night, privately choose a dead player; that player regains the use of their ability for that night and the next day.

Barista: Each night, until the next dusk, a player will either be allowed to act twice, or have their ability be guaranteed to work correctly (if applicable). The person affected by your ability will know how they were affected.

Harlot: Each day, privately choose a living player. At the start of the night, this player will know that the Harlot selected them, and will be given the choice to “agree”. If they agree, the Harlot learns their character, but both players may die.

Deviant: No. The Deviant is not allowed. The Deviant can go die in fire. Blame Italy for this.


Channel-Master: One Townsfolk chosen at the start of the game permanently malfunctions.

Wind Chimer (RENAME COMPLETE): A certain character cannot be targeted by the Demon, and evil knows whether or not that character is in play.

Djinn: The Djinn is here to fix a jinx! The Djinn’s special rule is in play for the following possible case: If the Headhunter and the Scarlet Woman are both in play, and the Scarlet Woman becomes the Headhunter, if the Scarlet Woman turned Headhunter manages to revive the original Headhunter, the original Headhunter will remain the Headhunter and the second one will turn back into the Scarlet Woman.

for ur reference @Marshal
please provide feedback when you can; i.e. did I get all of the ability description text right? @Tangeld

If anyone would be interested in playing this setup, please let us know.
As can be seen in the previous discussion thread, Tan already helped @Marshal and I a lot to get this right.

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We will have to change names
but other then that i think this script is pretty ironed-out

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Enforcer rename


If you want to help change the names of any of the unreleased characters (what needs to be renamed includes all townsfolk, all Minions except for the Scarlet Woman, all Demons, the Gangster Traveler, and the Storm Catcher Fabled) to ones that don’t exist in BotC, officialy or unofficially (that’s what the BotC Dev / Mod team are requesting for all of them), please let us know / provide suggestions.

The names for all existent released and known unreleased characters in clocktower exist in the four PDF’s in the following Dropbox folder. When submitting rename ideas, please make sure that the character name you are suggesting does not exist in any of these four PDF’s:

Good. Done

aristocrat :wink:

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24 more to go.

cool, done


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accepted, done

Is this a joke?


shouldn’t be hard

it’s a reference to a play he’s made on multiple occasions

so it is kind of a joke but so is ‘Enforcer’ for ‘Knight’

I mean Enforcer for Knight isn’t too much of a meme for ppl who play FoL
But if you think it fits, sure, accepted.

jester :wink:

so someone can claim jester and ask to be exed to fufill their win codition

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ily but I have to