Interest Check LOTR

For my grand return to the forums in a few months (Almost Finished my Senior Year), I am planning to work on a massive mash based on Lord of the Rings.

It will have high power roles, and interesting mechanics like in Alice’s Overwatch FM.

Please respond to this poll if you think I should bother making this mash and whether you’d be interested in playing it.

  • I’m Interested
  • I’m Not Interested Don’t Bother

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I honestly can’t believe I’ll be finished school in 3 months this year has flown by. :sweat_smile:

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how did u almost finish school it’s still summer for me and school has just started for some ppl

unless australian school is weird and starts at a super weird timd

We start in Feb and go until November

Ya know, as the year is supposed to go

Kind of works like the Brazilian school year, tbh. We start early in February and end late November or early December. December and January is technically summer vacation in the southern hemisphere.


sept->june for me

so what class are you, class of 2019 or class of 2020 if you start ur final year in 2019

Australia doesn’t exist.

class of 2020, start my senior year in a couple of weeks or so

L I finished school before you

Most of the Southern Hemisphere does school years in-line with the actual years I think.

that is why we must purify the south in the next crusade!

the only way to save it now is to wash the south in a blaze of holy flames, cleansing it of its impurities.

we shall take no survivors.

It’s winter lmao

@astand with the big ‘fuck you’ in the poll :joy:

Im actually interested, provided you don’t slank too much.

The reason why Infection 2 failed was because I was overseas and trying to host the entire thing on mobile

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im more of a “maybe” rn

depends on time, mood, how it looks, etc

Do you want infection 3?

anything is fine, it’s just that im not really in the mood for fols/fms unless i find them fun (players, setup, flavor, presentation, etc)

I’ve never seen Alice’s OW FM but I’m already interested