[Interest Check] FoL Turbo - Double Trouble

A Sheriff doomed to live its life hunting down the unseen, craving their whole life to just be a Princess.

A Mastermind who is tired of leading and prefers the life of a Servant.

A lone Reaper longing to murder its victims in more inventive ways like that of a Possessor.

it’s all possible in Double Trouble. You too can work two jobs.

General Gameplay Information

Host is Solic
Co-host is Lord RNG
Halp I need major host help for this if it’ll be a turbo thing


  • Day 1 lasts 15 minutes and will not have an execution.
  • Days last 30 minutes, or until a majority is reached for execution. Sunrises (hosts calculating actions) are aimed to be done ASAP. Nights last 10 minutes.
  • All actions must be sent to the host.

  • Everyone is allotted two different classes that are the same alignment like Sheriff|Princess, Chronomancer|Butler, Mastermind|Arbalest. You cannot roll Physician|Physician for instance.
  • You may use an action of each class that you are allotted during each phase, so a Chronomancer|Butler may use Pocket Dimension and Nightshade Wine during the same day. They however cannot use Concentrated Wine and Serve Wine in the same night. They have to be of the different classes.
  • Passives of a subclass count towards the whole class.
  • Any interaction that is unclear with multiple classes will be resolved through RNG mayhem. For instance, the Observer will randomly track one of their targets subclass actions and the Drunk will randomly redirect one of their targets subclass actions. The Princess will randomly get one of their targets subclasses their type options. The 3rd convert loses a random subclass upon being promoted towards Assassin|Random Unseen Convert.
  • Neutrals can win through accomplishing either of their goals.
  • The Neutral killer rolls an additional Neutral killer, so Possessor/Reaper or Sorcerer/Demon for instance.

  • The non-unique duplicate class limit is raised to 4.
  • Uniques spawn in their normal capacities and are limited to 1 in the entire game including their converted counterparts. No Priest + Soulcatcher.
  • The Cult, The Paladin and The Prince cannot spawn.
  • The Unseen will talk through a special Discord server or forum message.
  • The Priest will speak with the dead also throughout the day through a separate Discord server or forum message.

  • Take complaining of the horrible imbalanced scenarios to Grande Idea turbos or something


  • To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]
  • Should the votes reach the majority, that player will be executed and the day will end.
  • At the end of the day, the player with the most votes on them will be executed. Ties are broken randomly.
  • You cannot vote yourself or no lynch.

Picking a New King

  • If there are less than 4 players a new king will not be selected.
  • When the king dies a 5 minute period starts. In this, players may vote in their class PM for who they want to become the next king.
  • Whoever receives the most votes in this period will be crowned king. If votes are tied, a king election will be held the next day to determine it.

Action Results

Feedback List


Journals in a turbo, are you kidding me?


King (65% Good|Random Blue Dragon, 35% Evil|Random Unseen)
Mastermind|Random Unseen
Assassin|Random Unseen
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon
Random Blue Dragon|Random Blue Dragon / Random Neutral Non-Killer|Random Neutral Non-Killer
Random Neutral Non-Killer|Random Neutral Non-Killer
Neutral Killer|Neutral Killer


Example Class Card:

The Archer|Maid

Blue Dragon Killer|Investigative
Multi-shot (Day) - If you fire an arrow at one of your marks tonight, remove all marks and attack any other player whose mark was removed. You are immune to redirection this night. - 2 uses
Change Sheets (Day) - Target two corpses. At the end of the night, learn if they were killed by the same player. - 2 uses :crown:
Rumor (Day) - Target player will be “last checked” in regards to Matchmake. Cannot be used day 1. - 2 Uses.
Eagle Shot (Night) - Fire an arrow to kill your target. This ability is disabled if you kill a member of BD with it. - Infinite uses
Bulls-eye (Night) - Place a mark on target player. A marked player is no longer passively death immune. You may have up to three marks. Targeting a marked player with this ability will remove the mark. Targeting yourself will remove all marks. Marks disappear on death or class change. - Infinite uses
Matchmake (Night) - Test if target is compatible with the player you last checked. - Infinite Uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Arbalest|Handmaiden




Don’t have time, sorry Solic :confused:

It’s supposed to be a turbo. Also I’m not going to host it now anyways, just wondering if this concept would be interesting to try one time.

If it was an actual fully fledged game, I’d have to like… balance it… and not admire lord RNG for interactions.

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Seems cool, maybe a little complicated for a turbo.

/express interest

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I’d need at least one dedicated vote counter and probably another full time host to run it and even then sunrise phases might be challenging. I’ll happily do it for a day on the weekend, but yeah… just seeing if it’s a cool thing first, before even considering logistics.


/prepare for trouble

/and make it double

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Oh lord

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Now I’m imagining all the fun unbalanced interactions you get :eyes:

/Happy Hour Priestess
/Cold Steel Priestess

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You can’t HH and CS me if I don’t play with ya, reeeee

I predict two kinds of people

fervently mechanical gamesolving.



Sounds fun

I’m going to order myself some dinner soon, so I might poof if food arrives early as usual

Oh I’m not running it now, just checking if it’d be a cool thing.

Impromptu turbo’s for 16 players might not fill and this needs some leet host cohesion to be ran successfully.

I mean, I could do full co-host, but yeah, not with my old enemy together called RNG :upside_down_face:

But lord RNG is my irreplaceable co-host…

There isn’t another system that makes much sense and is easy to host in turbo format. At least none that I have thought of yet. Ideas are welcome.

Some people:

Challenge Accepted

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I don’t see a reason why you would even need RNG in this setup. What kind of interactions would be unclear? :thinking:

The ones that I listed?