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I recently played Man of Medan and greatly enjoyed it — this is sorta similar to that. I cannot take full credit.

  • 1947
    During the Second World War, a Freighter is lost during a storm. It had been carrying a highly dangerous bioweapon invented by the Chinese. It had the properties to cause severe hallucinations to those exposed to it, making them see things that weren’t there, or see allies as a supernatural monster or enemy. During the storm, it leaked, causing everyone on the ship to effectively panic and kill themselves.
    The ship was known as Ourang Medan.

  • Present Day
    The effects of the bioweapon have not grown any weaker over the past seventy years. Events lead a group to explore the ship. Will they survive?

Known Elements -
You cannot trust your senses.

This is an Interest Check, and a Roleplay misc to boot, so Mods please don’t get angry about the queue please.

Most of the potential deaths would be suicides/accidentally-killing your friends.



looks cool, but no time

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Not beginning now

Why are you god

Because I am.

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@discobot roll 1d3

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It happened in 1940

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It happened in 1947 according to the official Game.

Disco and I are two of the same (both Gods) so I can overrule its decisions.

Deal with it.

If I contest this blatantly false ruling, nothing of impact will happen.
In due sentiments, I hold the ‘no’ highly.

*I was bestowed this honour through gift and contest and blood.’

In layman’s terms, a bribe