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{Interest Check} Dispirited Hallows


I’m going to probably cave in once tech week is over


(Can I get an uhhh interest check for Shurian for dispirited hallows pls)


No one is going to speak? Aww
Still have people just silent.
Guess I’ll continue.


I’m intrigued but lost. :eyes:


If people wanna join just DM me in Discord.


I remember some information about the NPCs if you wanna help


I SAVED IT ON MY COMPUTER. No more fishery happening on my watch.


Abilities: One-handed Sword Style, Unorthodox sword techniques and his beautiful face.


Also I miss the “Her three measures… Are nonexistent. Too smol”


It is still smol but eh


Nice rewriting, I like it!


Missed Belrion rip hold on


nooo my lord >:(


Good thing the vague references to progress of this story are really vague

Can you all find them?


The RP must continue ùwú


For the lo- falls asleep




@Shurian Can I have 2 chars?






I just checked up and Shurian seemed to have a status system here
Ironically in the forum I originally played Dawa we also had one
His initial stats were as follow just for fun facting:


The average to all stats was 25.

➲ Primary Stats (distribute 200 points among those eight characteristics):

⤑ Strenght: 48 (strong boi)
⤑ Agility: 8 (slow in heavy armor)
⤑ Spirit: 3 (basically manaless)

Constituirion and dexterity were his main stats, and gained multipliers due to the class of my choosing
⤑ Constituition: 195,75 (THICC ARMOR)
⤑ Dexterity: 47,5 (slightly under average for skilled fighters)
⤑ Wisdom: 14 (easy to mentally control or break into insanity)

⤑ Insight: 5 (couldn’t make a plan to play a chess game)
⤑ Soul: 2 (almost without connection to the element I chose)

➲ Secondary Stats (distribute 100 points):

⤑ Luck: 17 + 0 = 17 (under average luck)
⤑ Charisma: 56 + 0 = 56 (yes he had more charisma than strenght and literally double the average)
⤑ Intelligence: 23 + 0 = 23 (averageish)
⤑ Faith: 4 + 0 = 4 (basically atheist)