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{Interest Check} Dispirited Hallows


Also Noz has had a big chat with me so I have let him be slightly older


wait wut i don’t know what your talking about


Annie is 8 in Arc 0




thats jail


I loved the dragon talk btw


Cheesy your char is already my MVP


time changes people though ._.


I forgot this existed lemme make a character real quick


I was gonna skim the thread to see if there was any info I needed but people started talking about their corruption fetishes so I’m gonna just try and find the original thread and dredge up the discord invite from there




I assumed he didn’t do what he vowed to so since you were trained by the witch




pls send me


I was checking the RP I originally created Dawa for and it clicked me out that he accidentally adopted a child there.

Dawa with one orphan: “Hm this shouldn’t be so hard I had two siblings”
Dawa with seven orphans: excuse me what the fuck.


@Shurian pls return to gaem


Hai Hai!


Rp is biriful pls no let rp die


No die but need me to write something out


Ok owo