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{Interest Check} Dispirited Hallows


Senpai does not approve of this bad civilisation. Greed is not allowed.


But I just want to protect my sister ;-;


Aye do you also have siblings


but can you start as half demon or at least 1/4 of demon


Not in real life, but my character does have a younger sister


I thought so
I’m bringing in a char from another forum that I could barely play with
They have 2 younger siblings who they sustain


charges trough the wall I heard there is the place to rampage trough?


Don’t worry just describe them and their names to me and I’ll set it all up


Evil laughter ensues.


You’re using a dead class as a pfp?! Rip Priest


Do I need to be a child at arc 0
Bc the char originally had 31 years


frigg u mommysquid, i wasnt online in months here and never changed the pfp


Resurrect the dead RPs, RagDad


If i would have time and u didnt forgot me we could have done something QQ.


Yes you do.
(Up to teenager max)


How old at the max is a teen?




I am 17 going on 18

I’ll take caaaare if youuu






Im the oldest char again cries in old