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{Interest Check} Dispirited Hallows


Uh… hey, it’s a long story (totally not me just dying after one night).

So, this time, I won’t be using that statistic system, it’s unrealistic and absolute horseshit to do until I am able to find time to code something for my convenience.

The backstory will change. Stats are going away! (Probably only for me so eheh.)
We’re… just… going to… Huh… Sleepy…
Ah! Don’t sleep! I still have to explain… Huh…

Changes to Backstory

You guys wanted a VR game, but implementing the statistics themselves are too rough and only for masochistic hosts. So this will change.

  • The world is now real. Characters will no longer have statistics (Hey people here currently seem nice so it’s okay).
  • Results are dictated by the players (though I would influence it if it suits the plot)

Character Sheet


Place of Origin: Gregory Village/ Techany Village

Description: (Describe your character here or have a picture.) Be sure to specify the height. Average height is 172 cm for males and 165 for females.
Preferred Weapon of Choice:


The story begins in two small villages, sandwiched between two kingdoms. The two kingdoms have often clashed, Gregory of Argus and Techany of Telias are near the northern borders, with the most tension. Despite the good relationships between the two villages, the soldiers positioned near the villages cause a lot of tension. Being the case, the villages weren’t so much influenced by the capitals of the kingdoms, but rather more individualistic in nature.

And finally, the war started. The two villages were caught in the crossfire. Many died… but some survived. They fled to both kingdoms, but both refused entry to their kingdoms. They were forced to go into the northern forests…

Starting RPers will be taking on the role of the main protagonists. Late RPers can choose to join the starting groups or oppose them (co-hosting oho).

Arcs will start being planned out if this catches interest. Arcs will be similar to what was planned in Clash Online. I know Umu san is sad but… the editor gets all the time now. Too bad for her, she’s not a masochist.

Oy! I can hear you! Sniffles.

  • Yes
  • No

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Can u begin as antagonist


Poll will end in 3 days, I’ll disable it manually :3

Also any questions [ping me pls] will be reflected in the second post I made, with the question quoted.
Discussion is allowed, but keep it productive and stuffies.


shuri you know how much i liek being evil >:(


owo whats this
a simpler rp :>


@Shurian Are you going drop out after few days?


Ah, Shuri

pats head

Have you learned the horror of stats? The menace of the workload it brings, the stack of messages it haunts you with… I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen.


But all is still well. Experience, after all, is the best teacher. What important is for you not to repeat the same mistake… Of using stats.


stats are good in small doses change my mind


Not with the neckbreaking pace RPs goes on here


i mean like, stats for guidelines on how you should play your character and how damaging it can be


They go too fast… TOO FAST.
Best to experience the horror for myself tho


also shuri, why can i no be evil >:(


Unless you wanna co-host that is, because the story will be kinda spoilt to you anyway


can i make one of them slowly turn evil?


like can i make my character slowly go mad and turn evil?


You can… under pretty specific circumstances hoho…


so i’m just gonna make Youko 2.0, cool beans


Hey, shush. Corruption is a favourite genre of mine hehehe.


you can corrupt me all you want daddy