[Interest Check] D&D 5e Campaign

Strength with a 8


@mercenary you have to watch this lmao

laughs in 17 strength

int with a 11

thought it’d make sense with my backstory too(but could be a bit lower to actually fit in) so all’s well

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Rate my spell choices
Cantrips: vicious mockery, dancing lights
Normal spells: charm person, detect magic, thunderwave, speak with animals, healing word

Your lowest stat is still above average

0/10, not in team 1

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speak with animals is probs useless combat wise but might be good plot/rp wise


i refuse to get rid of it for those reasons

vicious mockery: typical meta choice
dancing lights: secondary use (making a medium-sized humanoid) can have some uses
charm person: good one
detect magic: this is a ritual spell. A lot of classes have this on them. Check if your local spellcaster don’t have it already.
thunderwave: idk about combat spells
speak with animals: there are a LOT of different animal-based spells, each one with a different effect. Remember that just because you can talk with them, they won’t consider you friendly. Animal Friendship is to make an animal friendly.
healing word: classic.

Yeah ill check about detect magic when the rest of team 2 get off their asses and finish their character sheets (animal friendship wasnt available for me)

do u have detect magic btw or shall i bring it?

also i wasnt that sure about dancing lights, are there any better cantrips?

We both have detect magic due to how our classes work, Maxi
You don’t pick the spells you know from a list. You know them all.

we do?

i thought druid had to prepare spells like the others

Shhhhh I just have to pick spells mainly