[Interest Check] D&D 5e Campaign

D&D 5e Campaign


  • PBP
  • 5E. No Grave Cleric / Human Variant. Races/Classes introduced in anything beyond the base books should be run by me before you start creating.
  • Host will be online after 6PM PST on Monday-Friday, All day on Saturday/Sunday
  • Homebrew plot (RP Focus, but combat is still important), but no other significant Homebrew present
  • All rolling will be done in private PMs to avoid clutter
  • Campaign will start in ~3 weeks after initial posting; a bit over a week if all CS is done.


  • Point Buy OR Roll. I want to see the rolling.
  • Encumbrance
  • Roll for Gold
  • Shamelessly Stolen CS format from Merc
  • I need some manner of backstory to help with actually trying to make the plot interesting. By the end of the week after posting this, I will be done with worldbuilding. The update will be posted in thread.
  • Level 2 Characters


CoGM is Eevee

Team 1:

  1. Mercenary - Elf Cleric
  2. MaximusPrime - Tiefling Druid
  3. BlueStorm - Gnome Wizard
  4. Shurian - Human Paladin

Team 2:

  1. Sogman - Dwarf Bard
  2. DatBird - Warlock
  3. Simon - Halfing Sorceror
  4. Kai - Human Fighter

I might just /spectate for now, really interested just dont think I got the time. If more time opens up I’d be down

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Ok now I really want to codm


But also I kinda forget how much is base and how much is extended cause I have like nearly everything on DnD Beyond

Are we in the forgotten realms?
If yes I am playing cleric

(but all the good stuff is in expanded books)

Should a player with no DnD experience because theres no one to play with even consider joining?

(Corellon Larethian drow cleric)
I’m a lore nerd so if anyone needs to know anything just ask the good guy
Someone please keep me from multiclassing into rogue so I can expertise Religion and History
Or should I just make a rogue.
Wait I just need to Cleric of Knowledge


Arcana, Life, Light, War
Aww man lemme see a very minor god so I can play pseudowarlock

I have cursory knowledge of many things dnd

You’ll be fine


alright, is there a good guide to making a character somewhere


FYI it’s a gigantic file
It’s the player’s handbook, and has a step by step process for helping make a char

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thank you! well, bear with me if i ask dumb questions, but im glad to finally have a chance to play in some way

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cries in hexblade

I totally know proper english, I just wanted to post that


Follow the book but if u want a bare bones start that’s also funny video that is semi informative. But the players handbook is ur best bet. It’s a pretty easy read if u have an idea for the type of character u wanna play.


This also works.
Works better

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by the way, will the entire character sheet need to be posted somewhere?