[Interest Check] BotF Priority Level H: Homebrew Edition — Choice Between Five Homebrew Scripts

lmk ur thoughts on the five most well known homebrew clocktower scripts
probs will run one of them here sometime over the next few months

Ides of Blood:

Older version:

Newer version:

Crazy Train:

Visions of Doom:

Kingdom of Death and Rebirth:

Dastardly Devil:

doom good

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Omen/Possessed OP

but I like it

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oh no

not wayward

not wayward


the evils are good but not knowing wincon is a bit no

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being wayward in final 3 is guaranteed win lmao. just kill whoever you didn’t pick

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well assuming they don’t get the other one killed

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imagine dying without knowing your alignment

wayward is fun in concept, but expect a really casual game from any waywards

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what is ‘mad’

we should run a script with Cult Leader on here

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I see you app

you must play as you would as that character, publicly claim that character at least once per day, and may never claim anything else in a legitimate way, ever, or you suffer the consequences.

that’s not me :eyes:

what is an arbitrary character?

You MUST act like you are that character. Don’t even think about denying it.

A good example of such is Cerenovus from sects and violets

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arbitrary means decided by the storyteller

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imagine being forced to fake prophet

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Imagine getting forced to fake omniscient

Everyone knows you’re fake but you have to insist you’re real


can catalyst make dead players use their abil

because that would be p pog

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faking hotshot so you have to keep rolefishing

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