[Interest check] Blood Money

more info available on my discord.

Blood money is a cash management game where you don’t have enough money to pay for the things you need to stay alive. Therefore, you need to do one of two things; take the illegal route, access the black market, where everything is cheaper, or sell out others taking the illegal route.

You get $10 daily.


Water - This grants unlimited water supply’s In your own home, however the more used the more it costs.
Gas - This will keep you warm, thus making you get sick less.
Electricity - This allows you to use your computer or phone, if you have one.

More info coming.


Didn’t you do this once on another forum? Blood cash i think it was called?

Uh, I don’t think so.


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Interest check.
Click the link for more info on prices and things, can’t remember them.

I am very Ntrested

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There’s a list of locations. Each player has a home, and cannot be visited unless you know their address.
You can follow them home.
You can strike up a friendship and try to get them to tell you.

Get pinged.

So basically be a Genius detective hunting bad bois down for money, or be a bad boi and outwit good bois. Seems interesting…


There are also events. A lottery, a stock market crash, police come searching for criminals, and a few others.

You get $10 daily. This will only change if you catch some criminals, adding a $2.50 bonus for each one.
Rent is $5 daily. If you lose your house, you will begin to freeze faster.
You start with $100.

A glass of water costs $2 and restores 15% of thirst.
A bottle of water costs $5 and restores 50% of thirst.
Garbage is FREE and refills 7% of hunger, however there is a 25% that it will cause sickness.
Pretzels cost $1 and refill 3% of hunger
Sandwiches cost $6 and restores 20% of hunger.
Raw chicken costs $7 and restores 30% of hunger, but has a 40% to cause sickness. Can be cooked to make Cooked chicken.

Signups will open after my ongoing misc.

If arrested, you will go to jail. In jail;
You are only served garbage
Medicine doesn’t exist
You will be shot on your third day in jail unless you bribe your way out: $40. You still get daily pay and no rent! Hooray!
You lose all items gotten from the blackmarket, even legal items gotten from there.

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Let us betray one another.

Yay! I’d do so well! Hehehehe… ;(