[Interest Check + Balance] Among Us FM

This is an interest check for an Among Us FM
(and no, it is not a misc, unfortunently for Apprentice.)
We have most of the basic mechanics set up, for example how we will do Tasks. So if you want to know, then ask.
the only thing unsolved is # of players & roles
so… how many of you would be interested in me and @Intensify (and maybe @Frostwolf103) hosting it?

I would deffo be interested.
Love Among Us and I can see there will be good potential.

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would probably be better as a misc because am among us themed FM would have to be like a below 10’er FM (which would actually be pretty gamer) or a misc

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the only reason it isn’t a misc is because i don’t feel like managing all the rooms
also because loljustplayAmongUs

cop9er time

a low power 9’er with just the flavor of among us is a pretty easy thing for a first host and is something this site would need

But if thats not the direction you’d want to go I get that


i think that’s a good idea
what if we made it 10 player and to compensate with a 1-shot-wordwide roleblocker, would that be good

Hold on I thought Frostwolf was hosting it as well… wdym “maybe” :eyes:

he created the DM
i didn’t have any idea he was doing anything other than that

We should probably pong him and ask


smh just pre-rand me impostor so i can self vote and ate already

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is this a pre-in

hard to gauge my interest when all i see is a concept with no real explanation on how this game will work

unless the GI classes are a class reveal for this

they aren’t
well there’s two options
either it’s like a 15p with stuff that i can find for u
or it’s just cop9er

here brb imma find that stuff that Intensify made real quick

Intensify’s ideas require some balancing, of course, but they could work.

No u
Also I thought this was an interest check… also they don’t even know how the Entrust mechanic works

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and also the classcards are overcomplicated

im just going to tell them

basically they vote on somebody to Entrust to do the tasks
crew will add 1 to task meter, (task meter is hidden) and impostors will not
5 task meter = crew win
also i might just do cop9er lol