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The new header functionality has been, quite frankly, a huge pain while navigating the forums, and especially while playing Forum of Lies. This new Discourse component allows the new header functionality to be disabled on a site-wide (which I’d like) or user-specific level, and I think it would be a huge boon to allow those of us that spend a lot of time on the forums to disable this annoying feature.


Discourse Feedback [Important]

I’m taking the fact that this got ten likes within two hours as people agreeing with me? lol



@Dev-Xblade the tribe has spoken.

just pinging you here so you know of this.


we riot till this is added



Bump because this makes hosting hell and is a super easy fix by the looks of it


Bump again for same reason

The people seem to agree


Bump before 2019


Bump during 2019