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Inquisitor Rework


TOL wasn’t inspired from tos

It was inspired by mafia


Those are all from tos. This isn’t Town of salem. even with those classes there’s lines that distinguish us from tos.

Court wizard, you see yourself getting redirected, not you see getting swapped


so the phrase “we want to make a town of salem but with people who want to care about the community”


You have to understand the full conversation I was merely saying that saying classes aren’t fully unique from others just isn’t going to happen


this was quickedited from sarcasm so I don’t look crazy


you are dead wrong with that statement. Even the devs support having unique traits unlike town of salem.


No it isn’t

this isn’t Town of Salem or should be compared

I would rather this be compared to


Maid in town of salem? how about the Possessor? do you see hints of Drunk in tos?


What firekitten said. Don’t compare this game to tos. It’s different.


Inb4 they say a twist on sk lol


Can you understand this please, Twilight was saying my class idea was so innovation because it was basically a different version of scorned, I was saying that was like saying half of the roster of throne of lies wasn’t unique because it had different bits of ideas of different classes. Please refair to the statement I made about it and not just jump into the discussion without looking at the previous chat


Poss is the coolest shit btw.

It could never work anywhere else.


Your class is copying scorned

I was fine with that till you said this was compared to tos.

I have nothing wrong with this class copying it


do you realized you derailed too? branching off of different classes is not branching off of different games.


Interrogate Probably should give some other info even if not their target

Maybe it just see who targets visit? (And their class if it’s a target)


@nuclearburrito get into the discussion you liked my comment


Yeah nice idea would give a unique spin on the class

P.S. not responding to any messages we are just going in circles and it is clear we are just going to continue


Yeah I just got mad when you compared this to TOS


What if Inq had to kill one of their targets at night in order to win?

Like a reverse scorned who isn’t informed.


is that not already the case?