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Inquisitor Rework


The Inquisitor

Neutral Investigative
Holy Blessing (Passive) - Death immune once
Nobody Expects… (Passive) - Occupation and redirection immune, anyone targeting you will believe it succeeded.
Fear! (Day) - Silence a player for 20 seconds. They will not be able to speak or use abilities for the duration - 2 uses
Magic Dust (Day) - Make a player appear a certain class to investigators tonight, can target self. - 3 uses
Interrogate (Night) - Learn if a player is a heathen, and their class if they are. In addition, you will know who the targeted player visited and who they were visited by - Infinite uses
Besmirch (Night) - Player will appear as a chosen class if executed tomorrow. - 2 uses
Live to see all 3 heathens killed.

Heathens will no longer know who they are


will they know they are one?




So…Scorned v.2.0 :sleeping_bed:


I saw that

I asked do they know themselves if they are one


Oh wait nvm I’m an idiot


kinda but with a more unique spin it’s kinda like a reverse sheriff instead of finding evils you are finding goodies and trying to kill them when you find them, this will also make court cautious knowing outing their claim could lead them to being a target for inq


Honestly i don’t see a reason why would we need better Scorned. Unless there is something exciting about veeeery slow gameplay. Who knows


Alch Bombs +1
Inq Ruthless efficiently +1
Erad/2 for 1 + 2
Pretender Kinslayer + 1
Nk Kills + 1
Deaths = 6

In my opinion, I believe 6 deaths shouldn’t be possible in 1 night, right now inq is a mini nk, and is it a problem, not really, but when you have 3 mini nks (alch, inq,pretender,) it gets kinda insane, I like the concept of Inq finding particular players and then trying to get them killed, but I think there is another way of handling it, is it particularly unique, not really, but I think fooling bd will be more fun, then finding heathen, then killing with re, yeah it’s more then that but that is the basics of every game.


Eh, the odds of all dead players were Blue Dragon and they weren’t blocked by nothing is veeeeery slim and just because it has like around 1% chance to happen is just unneeded effort for Devs.
Rework? Alright, but not something that is better reprint of another class.


My basic summary of Inq is it’s bland, it’s just find heathen and re, it’s hard to fake claim, with nothing to “confirm” the class all inq can really claim is alchemist, physician, chronomancer, knight or maid. boring, about my first point as all you do is kill or check nothing really unique except the Heathen concept itself.


Your rework isn’t really changing about what Inquisitor is doing except instead of killing he’s playing more like Scorned. What an innovation.


Look at throne of lies how many classes are what you classify as Unique with no inspiration or anything from other games. It’s almost like half of the classes were based on other with their own unique spin!


you have any examples to back that up?


It doesn’t mean you should always make a reprint because you can. Especially if it’s about Neutrals.


CW = transporter butler= escort FOOL = jester KNIGHT = Bg PHYSICIAN = Doctor


You just described unique


Key word was inspiration, it was inspired by a different class, I’m saying classes are allowing to be inspired. The classes are good I appreciate that but saying all classes have to be clearly unique from Mafia TOS Werewolf just isn’t going to happen


that’s not sarcasm when you are clearly wrong


And those are direct copies of OG Mafia.

ToL classes have nuance that gives them extra versatility in most situations so that they can be more useful.